We advise you to go through the FAQs thoroughly before purchasing our theme. We believe we have covered all the possible questions that you may have.

If you can’t find an answer to your queries please feel free to get in touch with us.

Pre Sale Questions

What do I need to use this theme?

You need to have a domain and a hosting to use this theme. Since our theme is based on WordPress, you need to have the latest version of WordPress installed on your server.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a simple but great content management system (CMS) that lets you create, manage and share your content on the web. WordPress has two platforms:

Our theme works only with WordPress software which you can download from Please check here to learn the difference between and

Can I use this theme for,,


Do I get a website hosting with the theme I purchase?


Which is the best hosting?

We can’t tell you which hosting is best for you but you can get reliable hosting from or

How much hosting space do I need for my store?

It completely depends on the number of beats that you will upload to your store. Additionally, your hosting requirement will also depend on other downloadable products like bass, hooks that you will be adding. 

We advise you to get in touch with your hosting provider and discuss it before purchasing hosting. 

I purchased a domain from a different company and hosting from a different company. Can I still use your theme?

Yes, you can if you can have WordPress installed on your server. 

Can I test out the theme before purchasing it?

No. It is not possible for us to provide a login. But you can just check the demos:

Please check this video for a detailed walkthrough of our theme features.

Do I have to pay for future updates?

Nope. Once you purchase the theme, you will get all the future updates for free. 

Will you add more designs to your theme?

Maybe. The theme is already highly customizable and you can edit almost every part of the theme from the backend. Also, the latest version is Elementor Pro compatible so you can modify the theme as per your need.

Theme Installation

Can I install the theme myself after I purchase it?

Yes, you can.  We provide you with detailed theme installation documentation that will help you set up your store in minutes.

Will you help me install the theme on my server?

Yes. We provide a paid service of theme installation on your server, which will cost you $45. We will need your hosting and WordPress login details for that. Once we complete the installation process you can change your credentials.

Will you log in to my server without my permission?

Never! Once we are done with the installation we advise you to change your login details. 

Theme Customization

Can I customize this theme?

Every section of the theme is customizable from the backend which means you can easily change the colors, photos, fonts, font size, texts, and spacing. You can even rearrange the sections’ order and enable/disable each section of the homepage from the backend.  Check out how you can do it from the backend. 

But if you need additional features and customization to the theme, you will need advanced programming knowledge for that.  We will charge you a reasonable fee to make those changes. Please feel free to get in touch with your requirements.


Do I have to pay for support?

It depends!  All the support related to the theme as shown in the demo comes with the purchase. We will only charge you for the additional customization support based on the scope of the customization.

Do you have a phone number?

Unfortunately, we don’t. We only offer email support. We will respond to all of your queries within 24 hours or faster. We are also very responsive in our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Do you update your theme regularly?

Yes. We update our themes regularly to keep up with the third parties and add new features.

Will you add more designs to your theme?


Theme Features

What payment options does this theme support?

PayPal is the default payment method. But you can add additional payment options using the Easy Digital Downloads.

Is this theme SEO-friendly?

Yes. Our theme is developed to be SEO-friendly.

Is your theme responsive?


Can I modify the code?

Yes, you can if you have the necessary programming knowledge. Please remember changing the code may result in breaking the theme so please do it at your own risk. But if we have to provide support after the changes you’ve made, we will charge you accordingly.

Can I use Paypal with this theme?

PayPal is the default payment method that comes with  EDD. Please check all the payment options supported

Does your theme support Stripe and other major credit card payments

Yes, it does. But those are paid features on EDD. More details

Why do I have to pay for the credit card payment?

Our theme is based on free features of easydigitaldownloads. For advance payment options you need to pay for those features.

Are you affiliated with

No! We are only using their free plugin in our theme.

Is this theme built on WooCommerce?

The main beat store section is powered by EDD. WooCommerce is used as secondary plugin for other digital products. Please check a demo here

Can I use this theme with WooCommerce?

You cannot use this theme with WooCommerce only. 

Does your theme support multi-vendor or multi-seller?

Currently, our theme does not support multi-vendor features. But we look forward to having the feature added to our theme.

Can other artists upload their beats in my store? 

The theme is for an individual artist where an artist can upload his beats and start selling. This means it doesn’t support multi-vendor or multi-seller features at the moment. 

Does your theme support multi-language?

Yes, our theme is multi-language ready. But there are some static texts that need to be converted manually to your desired language. We can guide you in the right direction if you need.

Does your theme support page builders like Elementor Pro? 

Yes, our theme is fully functional with Elementor Pro now. You can build your homepage and all other pages with Elementor Pro. Here is a demo to our theme built on Elementor Pro.

Does your theme support membership?


Theme Licensing:

Is your product a one-time purchase or a monthly fee? 

Our theme is a one-time purchase. 

How many sites can I create with the theme?

You can use this theme for only one website. For multiple websites, please get in touch with us for multiple licenses.

Can I sell the theme?

No. The theme you purchase is for you to use on your website and not to sell it.

Can I remove the link?

Yes, you can remove it from the admin panel.

Do you take a percentage of beat sales?

No, we don’t. We don’t take any commissions on your sales.

I want to use the theme for multiple websites. 

Please get in touch with us to talk about multiple licenses.  

Beat Store and License:

How do I upload the beats and the licenses?

You need to upload them manually one at a time. Here is a video on how to do that. 

Will the theme automatically add the buyer’s information into the contract?

No, it doesn’t.

Can I add an automatic audio tag or do I have to upload a pre-tagged file?

Unfortunately, we don’t have auto-tag support, but you can upload a tagged file separately.

When an artist buys a beat, does the license they choose automatically fill their info?

Currently, we don’t have such feature.

When we upload a beat to the store do we have to upload like a tagged beat to discourage unpurchased download?

Yes, you have to upload tagged beats that are used in the player and for unpurchased download. Also, you have to upload separate files to download after being purchased.

Can I force the customers to sign up with an email to download a free beat?

Currently, we do not have a feature for that. But we are working on it.

Refund Policy:

Do you guys offer a refund?

We do not offer a refund. Please go through all the FAQs again to learn more about our theme. Please buy the theme only if you are convinced enough.

Why don’t you offer a refund?

Because of the nature of the product. We work hard to keep the theme functional and up to date to make it the best theme for music producers like you. You don’t like a refund from someone who has checked your beats already before making the purchase. Similarly, we believe once you have downloaded the theme we cannot get it back from you. 

General Questions: 

Are you guys open to adding more awesome features to the theme?

Yes, we are! We want this theme to be the only theme that each beat producer would want to use. Please provide us with a new feature suggestion and we will discuss it with our team.

How do I know if is genuine? Are real artists using your theme? Where can I check the review of your themes?

Yes, real artists are using our theme. However, we are aware of their website address. Please check some of the reviews by real people on our Facebook page